Electro-Wind Culture and Mission

Electro-Wind Culture Statement

Whilst our family run company offers an approach of strong commitment and continuous passion for what we do, we promote staff happiness and career fulfilment, as we believe that these qualities are vital to our Company's continued success.


We represent our company in an honest and trustworthy manner to build and establish strong relationships with our customers and the community.


We pursue everything we do with enthusiasm. We are excited about our role in our success and the opportunities we are able to provide.


We respect and embrace all members of out team, realising the value that each individual has to offer. We keep each other accountable for exceptional performance and attitude. Emphasis on recruiting and retaining outstanding members of our team is most relevant to the Company. Primary focus of the business is to ensure all our staff can gain the necessary skills and expertise to perform and excel in their role.


We commit to deliver the highest quality solutions and remain steadfast in our pursuit of great results.


We thrive on challenges and constantly strive to surpass our customer's expectations. We believe the strength and enthusiasm of our determined team drives our organisation to greater success.


Exceptional service, exceptional products.... No matter how big the project or how small the request we strive for excellence in our response. We are proud of our Company and its achievements. We represent it with honour.

Electro-Wind Mission Statement

Electro-Wind is committed to provide our customers with quality products which are produced within the shortest time frame possible and we will endeavour to work closely with our customer to ensure that all of the prototype and design needs are met. We ensure on time deliveries at competitive price and we intend to meet or exceed our customer expectations by continuously improving our products and processes.