1ph Enclosed Isolating Transformers


Electro-wind supplies a wide range of industrial enclosures from basic mild steel to high spec stainless or galvanised steel tanks.

Standard IP22 painted steel cases (Pennine). Well known dark grey steel finish with ventilation louvers. Most suited to single phase control transformers up to 15.0 kVA. Special versions are available without louvers increasing ingress protection to IP44.

Standard IP22 painted steel cases (Pennine) can be fitted with a range of BSEN 60309 sockets, protective MCB / RCD devices and switches. This type of transformer is commonly used for 110v distribution within workshops.

Basic IP20 painted mild steel cases (LV). Economical design with large ventiltion louvers with a bright white finish. Most commonly used with lighting transformers and lower amperage DC power supplies.

Special IP65 painted steel cases (Rydal) welded construction and finished in dark grey. Most suited to single phase control transformers but also available in a portable version for site environments.

A range of IP21 painted cases (S type) designed for larger floor mounted transformers. Skid mounted c/w removable gland plates. Best suited for singe phase distribution transformers up to 50.0 kVA.