Lamps & bulbs

Electro-Wind stocks a wide selection of 110v and 230v lamps and bulbs.


LS60110 (left)

A range of GLS lamps

Standard part codes

  • LB60110 - GLS lamp 60W 110v BC fitting
  • LB10110 - GLS lamp 100W 110v BC fitting
  • LS60110 - GLS lamp 60W 110v ES fitting
  • LS10110 - GLS lamp 100W 110v ES fitting
  • LB60230 - GLS lamp 60W 230v BC fitting
  • LB10230 - GLS lamp 100W 230v BC fitting
  • LS60230 - GLS lamp 60W 230v ES fitting
  • LS10230 - GLS lamp 100W 230v ES fitting

TH5/110 (right)

A range of Tungsten halogen lamps

Standard Part Codes

  • TH3/110 - Tungsten halogen 300W 110v
  • TH5/110 - Tungsten halogen 500W 110v
  • TH3/230 - Tungsten halogen 300W 230v
  • TH5/230 - Tungsten halogen 500W 230v
  • TH10/110 - Tungsten halogen 1000W 110v

TASK BULB (left)

A range of low energy lamps

Standard Part Codes

  • E13BC - Low energy 13W 110v BC fitting
  • E13ES - Low energy 13W 110v ES fitting
  • TASK BULB - 2D 38W task Light bulb