Three phase transformers 1.5 kVA up to 8.0 kVA

100 kVA 3ph

Electro-wind specialises in the manufacture of medium sized air cooled (AN) 3ph transformers. A naturally cooled transformer is the most efficient way change voltage at power ratings up to 100 kVA. An isolating transformer consists of an iron core with 3 limbs. Each transformer limb has an individual primary / secondary winding. The individual windings allow the input power to be isolated from the power output.

Electro-Wind manufactures bespoke power transformers Electro-Wind offers all of the winding configurations including Delta, Star (also called wye), Skot and Zig Zag. The most common 3ph transformers connection are 415v delta star Dyn11.

Auto wound transformers upto 100 kVA are commonly used when steeping up or down over a small voltage range. They are a cheaper and smaller than a larger isolating transformer and recommended when isolation isnít a factor.