Three phase Auto-wound transformers

transformer 6.jpg

Electro-Wind can offer practically any Autotransformer that you desire.

Auto wound transformers are commonally used when transforming a small number of volts. More than a 3:1 ratio becomes inefficient and dual wound transformers are more suited. Because it requires both fewer windings and a smaller core, an autotransformer for power applications is typically lighter and less costly than a duel wound transformer.

Auto wound transformers are often used for imported machinery (machine tools etc) where the voltages of other counties are different (see our machine tool section).

Electro-Wind offer a specially designed zig zag transformer. This special form of zig zag autotransformer is used to provide grounding (earthing) on a three phase system that otherwise have no connection to ground.

Auto wound transformers do have limitations but must be considered when isolation is not a factor.

Manufactured to BSEN 61558.