Korndorffer Motor Auto Starting Transforemrs

transformer 6.jpg

Electro-wind offers a range of 1ph and 3ph Auto transformer Motor starters

An Auto transformer can be used to reduce the voltage that is being applied to a motor during a start. A choice of percentage voltage tappings allow a motor to be started along this range of taps.

The most common arrangement for motor starting is via a closed transition starter. This eliminates many of the problems associated from open transition switching. The closed transition auto transformer starter is known as the Korndorffer starter.

Auto starting transformers are generally intermittently rated as they are only used for the initial motor starting As they don't have to be continuous rated they are often physically small and inexpensive. It is important to understand the nature of the motor. The number of starts per hour, run up times of the motors plus sequenced / staggered starts are all relevant.

Over temperature protection is available in the form of thermal cut outs embedded in the windings.