Portable 110v Site Transformers

Electro-Winds 400v 3ph and 230v 1ph site transformers have been market leaders for the last 20 years. The high quality steel case, 110v sockets and MCB protection comply to the highest standards. The double wound 400/110 and 230/110 isolating transformer design provides saftey on site.

Electro-Wind is one of the largest manufactures of 5 kVA and 10 KVA 110v site transformers in the UK. Electro-Wind is the best buy for 10 KVA 1ph and 3ph 110v site transformers.

M100C10 kVA 1ph4 x 16A, 2 x 32A 110V SKTSview details
M30TCV & M30TCV32/163 kVA 1ph1 x 32A 110V SKTview details
M3100C10 kVA 3ph4 x 16A, 2 x 32A 110V SKTSview details
M505C5 kVA 1ph4 x 16A, 1 x 32A 110V SKTSview details