Transformer Repairs

When your transformer fails your facility stops. Electro-Wind ltd will repair, copy wind, redesign your transformer or coil and do whatever it takes to get your power back online. We are the experts.

Repair 1
  • We have been repairing Transformers for more than 30 years.
  • We offer the fastest service within our own workshops.
  • We can repair or make new often within one day.
  • We frequently carry out work for most of the other rewind companies.
  • We can repair almost anything even up to 1MVA.
  • We can come to your site and offer help.
  • We offer the longest warranties.

Electro-Wind Transformer repairs specialises in the rewind of 1ph and 3ph transformers. Transformer rewinds are a growing part of our business as companies reuse old transformers rather than buying new.